Motion Free Italy. For the eternal youth of the joints

Joint diseases are a condition that has been affecting people around the world for centuries. According to the WHO (the World Health Organization), arthritis and arthritis are or the second most common problem after cardiovascular disease. They cause little flexibility in the limbs and, if neglected, could lead to complete paralysis. These diseases affect people of different ages worldwide, including Italy.

You should worry immediately after you have discovered the initial symptoms:

It is very important that those affected treat the disease as soon as possible. Pain-causing agents are often used to provide temporary relief. However, if the disease is to be eradicated once and for all, more drastic treatment measures are needed.

Motion Free is considered one of these treatment options. This ointment contains only unique natural components, each of which has a specific effect on the joints.

Olive oil:



Propolis (extract):

Extract of pine nuts:

Extract of minor tarma of wax ("Achroia grisella"):


Tincture of dead bees:

To achieve a complete therapeutic effect, the procedure must be repeated no less than three times a day. When pain is attenuated, the cream can be used once a day.

The unique therapeutic effect of Free Motion is its ability to increase the permeability of the skin, tendons and muscles and to reach not only the joint but also the periosteum. This facilitates the rapid penetration of anti-inflammatory components, vitamins and minerals into the affected area.

In addition, the following processes take place:

Therefore, the cream reduces joint inflammation and prevents relapses.

The duration of a complete treatment cycle shall not exceed 15-20 days. However, acute pain is already alleviated on the first day of use of Motion Free.

Many people would like to know more about the effectiveness of Motion Free from those who have already purchased it. Here are some examples of positive customer feedback:

In addition, customers pointed out that the cream did not cause

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